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Here is a review of what we brought you in 2011...

"Health is not only to be well, but to use well every power we have."

Florence Nightingale, 1893

Have you ever wondered about the healing miracles found in scripture and described by people all over the world? You’re not alone. For centuries, great minds have contemplated the reality of healing. Many spiritual traditions have taught healing prayer practices that are rooted in their ancient sacred texts.

In 2011 we created a great conference for over 150 people who heard five internationally known speakers. Research physician Larry Dossey discussed the role of consciousness in healing. Jesus scholar and theologian Marcus Borg spoke about Jesus' healing of illness as also confronting the wounds of existence. Pioneer in holistic nursing Barbara Dossey observed that compassion met science in Florence Nightingale. Clinical researcher Marilyn Schlitz commented on neuroscience research and prayer. Pastor Therese DesCamp looked at cognitive linguistics and spiritual practices. In addition participants had a choice of nine workshops in three areas: current research, healing prayer in congregations, and prayer experiences.


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Marcus Borg
Jesus, Healing
and Wholeness

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Barbara Dossey
Compassion Meets
Florence Nightingale

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Larry Dossey
Healing Research:
What is the Fuss
All About?

Des Camp

Therese DesCamp
This is Your
Brain on Prayer

Marilyn Schlitz

Marilyn Schlitz
Consciousness and
Healing: Science
and Spirit Meet


Explore the Reality of Healing

Three exciting workshop tracks:

Healing prayer in congregations
Current research
Healing experiences and techniques

The Reality of Healing: Medicine, Prayer, and Research Conference offers you a bridge to new understanding and the next step in your own journey towards healing and wholeness.


We invite people interested in the relationship between spirituality, medicine, contemporary research, and healing to attend the conference including:

•students and faculty of theological, nursing, and medical schools
•laity, clergy, chaplains
•medical doctors and nurses
•naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists
•spiritual directors, therapists, counselors
•music, art and sound therapists, massage therapists
•practitioners of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch,
and other healing modalities


Marcus Borg

Marcus J. Borg, PhD
Jesus, Healing and Wholeness

More stories are told about Jesus as healer and exorcist than about any other figure in the Jewish tradition. He must have been a remarkable healer. Yet the way these stories are told gives them an even broader meaning. Though healing in the gospels sometimes involves the curing of diseases, it also becomes a metaphor for deliverance from psychological and spiritual maladies.  It is ultimately about healing the wounds of existence.

Mary Therese DesCamp Mary Therese DesCamp, PhD
This is Your Brain on Prayer: What Neuroscience Can (and Can’t) Tell Us

This presentation will look at the assumptions inherent in contemporary neuroscience research, and examine what neuroscientists are discovering about prayer and meditation practices. Using these findings, as well as work in the areas of cognitive linguistics and neuro-psychology, we will explore how deep practices—which are central to healing prayer work—change one’s thinking, behavior, relationships, and experience of the world. 

Barbara Dossey

Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BD, FAAN           
Compassion Meets Science: The Spiritual Genius of Florence Nightingale

History is one of the most important aspects of any profession. Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), the philosophical founder of modern nursing, was a mystic, visionary, healer, scientist, practitioner, politician, environmentalist, and reformer. Her achievements are astounding when considered against the backdrop of the Victorian era. Her contributions to nursing theory, research, statistics, public health, and healthcare reform even today are foundational and inspirational. As a bold and brave risk-taker, Nightingale had vision, dedication, and commitment.

Why have so many been captivated by Florence Nightingale for more than one hundred and fifty years? Perhaps we sense in her the wisdom that is demonstrated by the great mystics throughout history. We are drawn to her because she is close to our time, and we can identify with the problems she faced and the challenges she overcame. We, like her, are involved in a search for meaning and purpose. By her shining example, she invites us to explore our own spiritual development.

Nightingale’s life embodied social action and a profound spiritual call and purpose that our world sorely needs. Although gifted with deep mystical insight, she cannot be criticized as resorting to “dreamy mysticism.” Her drive for social action was ferocious—improving the health of the British soldiers and creating the profession of modern, secular nursing. She struggled mightily to break free of the social constraints that inhibited her, just as we must do today. Thus, she is a model for us in accomplishing our own work in today’s world.

Larry Dossey

Larry Dossey, MD
Healing Research: What Is the Fuss All About?

Dr. Dossey will describe how we have entered an era in the history of healing in which consciousness has a primary, fundamental role to play.  He will discuss the evidence for this emerging view, focusing on studies of distant healing intentions.  He will examine the spiritual implications of this view and why it offers hope and meaning that are missing in the conventional approaches that have dominated the twentieth century.

Marilyn Schiltz Marilyn Schlitz, PhD                        
Consciousness and Healing: Where Science and Spirit Meet

Although great strides have been made in the study of complementary and alternative medicine, our health care system remains primarily disease-centered rather than focused on whole-person healing. For patients and professionals alike the biomedical model often fails to offer a system that embraces the vast potentials of healing—ignoring or negating completely the possibility for human growth and development in the face of illness. An integral model of healthcare speaks to the need to attend both to the rational and to the intuitive; the thinking as well as the feeling; and the biological, sociological and spiritual dimensions of our human experience. 

This presentation will explore the interaction of science and spirit as necessary components in integral healing. We will review evidence-based research and theory on consciousness and healing, identifying tools for self-healing and for the promotion of human flourishing. In this presentation we will explore the integral model that brings together the emotional, spiritual, ecological and social dimensions of wellness.

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: “Exploring the Relationship Between Spirituality, Medicine, and Healing Research”               
Panel members Therese DesCamp, Barbara Dossey, Larry Dossey, Francis Geddes and Marilyn Schlitz will respond to questions that have been presented by participants during the conference. Joseph Driskill moderates the panel.

Healing Prayer Service

As we conclude our conference, we pause for quiet reflection and silence, thanksgiving and celebration as we experience the power of healing prayer. We hope you join us as we allow body, mind, heart, and Spirit to integrate the wisdom shared and the healing energy experienced. May we open ourselves to God’s love and compassion through this healing prayer service.


Marcus Borg

Marcus J. Borg
Speaking Christian: Healing Christian Language

Religions are like languages. “Being Christian” means speaking (and understanding) Christian, just as being Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist means speaking (and understanding) Jewish, Muslim, or Buddhist. The meanings of many Christian words and phrases have been distorted by their common useage. Christian language needs to be reclaimed, restored, and healed.

Mary Therese DesCamp Therese DesCamp
Changing My Mind: Changing My Life

In this experiential workshop you will be introduced to four specific prayer practices that will aid in the work of healing prayer. These practices have the potential to change the practitioners’ thinking, behavior, and relationship to the world.

Barbara Dossey

Barbara Dossey    
The Power of Presence: Becoming an Instrument of Healing

As we increase our awareness of presence, compassion and healing, we allow these qualities to flow into our work and mission of service. A view of healing partnership that goes beyond the idea of separate individuals coming together will be presented. The evidence that at some level of consciousness we are already united and one will be explored. The spiritual implications and our interconnectedness with self and others are essential to the future of healing in healthcare. At the end of this session, participants will be able to: (1) explore components of presence, compassion, and healing, (2) analyze the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model, and (3) discuss strategies that assist with the integration of presence, compassion, and healing in practice, education, research, and in all aspects of living and dying.

Francis Geddes

Francis Geddes
Contemplative Healing

The untrained mind is like an untrained horse running wild on the prairie with enormous energy, joyfully racing here and there but having little focus. Contemplative exercises for healing prayer train and discipline the wonderful energy of the unfocused mind that loves to run aimlessly on the prairie of the inner consciousness. In this experiential workshop you will learn how these contemplative exercises can put the vast energy of the mind to work for the transformation of consciousness so that it becomes a powerful focusing lens for God’s healing light.

Margareta Johansson
Steve Harms

Steve Harms & Margareta Johansson Healing Prayer Ministry Within a Congregation

This workshop will share practices and insights gained from twenty years of offering Healing Prayer Ministry in congregational settings.  Specifically we will speak about healing prayer stations during worship/Eucharist, creative liturgies designed with healing prayer themes, and private healing prayer experiences with individuals.  We will reflect on how Dr. Francis Geddes’ training has shaped our approach to congregational ministries and how healing prayer ministry encourages spiritual vitality within our congregation.  Additional educational resources will be available.

Larry Dossey

Larry Dossey
Consciousness, Premonitions, and Preventive Medicine

In this workshop, we will focus on how the functioning of emerging image of consciousness beyond the limits of the body, space, and time plays a fundamental role in our lives. 

We will learn how precognition and intuition play a major role in our welfare, and why they should be viewed as a form of preventive medicine. We will also examine clinical and experimental evidence documenting the role of premonitions in our lives as well as the implications of these phenomena for the survival of bodily death and for immortality. 

Mark Graves

Mark Graves 
Co-creative Prayer: Restoring Real Possibility to Human Systems

Wounds not only change one's day-to-day existence; they significantly change one's future possibilities. Although curing may reclaim prior functionality, healing restores real possibility to every level of human systems, including molecular, bio-medical, neuro-psychological, social-cultural, and spiritual relationships.

Theologically, as created co-creators, humans have the right and the responsibility to continue nature's intrinsic creative process, and healing occurs when that shared human-divine creativity takes place in the presence of a wounded person.

Jim Moiso Jim Moiso
Nuts & Bolts: Creating a Healing Prayer Service 

Story: How a traditional, progressive Presbyterian congregation embraced a monthly service of healing and wholeness (ten years and still going).  Practical:  The nuts and bolts of creating and establishing such a service.  Impact: The tangible and not-so-tangible results.

Marilyn Schiltz Marilyn Schlitz   
Sensing the Divine: Toward a Science of Enlightenment

In this time of enormous change and complexity, many truth systems are converging that speak to a new model of reality. Science, with all its precision and sophistication, offers new understandings of the physical world. And at the same time, deep truths from the world's religious and spiritual traditions offer insights into our divine nature. In this presentation, we will explore the breakthroughs that are arising today as these two truth systems interface revealing new insights into our human potential.